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365 Days of No Fap (Ralph Smart)

YouTube vlogger Ralph Smart talking about the entire year he went without masturbating.
“In ancient times, they referred to the semen being the primordial life force energy.”

Last week, we featured psychologist Ralph Smart talking about why he stopped watching pornography. This week, I’ve transcribed a thought-provoking clip of Ralph talking about the year he went without masturbating. That’s right–an entire year with no pornography and no masturbation while single. I don’t agree with everything Ralph says, but I find his main argument that masturbation is an energy vampire highly persuasive.

Ralph pushes back against a cultural wisdom which says that masturbation is natural. This isn’t what the ancients believed. They knew there was power in a man’s semen–the same force that could literally give life to another human being. To squander semen was to squander power, something that no man aspires to do.

Man is still bullied by his sexual urges. . . Masturbation can turn a roaring lion into a dead dog in a few seconds.

Stephen Chang

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Peace. Infinite Waters diving deep once again. 365 days of no fapping. Look, men masturbate. Women masturbate. We’re told it’s natural. I’m not going to judge you. So what do you reckon happened when I stopped masturbating for 365 days? While you think of that, let me breathe in that good-ass prana. Here’s what happened. Can I get a hellllo there?

I was a horny teenager. No comment. Now a lot of us growing up, we are bombarded by sexual images every single second. You look left, whew. you look right, whew. No matter where you go, sex sells. Someone is going to test your sexual arousal level. So we have terms like “beat your meat,” “choke the chicken.” If you’re a woman, tell me some terms you use.

So many years ago, I set myself the greatest challenge in the world. I said “I can do it. I can do this.” 30 days in [painful sound effects]. “No, I can’t.” It was almost as if someone had placed two feet on top of my head and it really hurt [painful sound effects]. It was a nightmare. 60 days, the same thing. 90 days [painful sound effects]. It took one foot off. It was slightly better. 6 months? [thoughtful face]. Wait a minute–they’ve taken both feet off.

It felt fantastic. I said, “Actually, it’s not that bad.” 9 months in–I felt like super man. I could pick up a truck. I could carry a grandma down the stairs. I could carry a hundred thousand shopping bags with one finger. I could carry the whole planet with my baby finger. After 12 months, do you know what happened? You don’t want to know. I felt like he-man [comic book superhero]. “I have the power.” I felt invincible.

Let me share with you what’s helped me along my journey because I know a hell of a lot about masturbation, semen, and how it all works in helping us become our greatest version. You see, there’s a reason why you are being bombarded by sexual images every single day. Because in ancient times, they referred to the semen being the primordial life force energy. In fact, in Egypt, in many mystery schools, the great masters never masturbated. Why? Because they said they were losing life force.

Now in today’s world, we are told that masturbation is natural. It’s normal. And what happened to me when I stopped masturbating for 365 days–I’ve told you a lot of positives, but I also had a lot of headaches. I didn’t say that. No “hello there” for that. It wasn’t good. I felt this pressure building up in my head which was very difficult to manage. Then I realized going back tot he ancient wisdom that, you see, once you stop masturbating, masturbation–the semen is the compressed sunlight. Now the kundalini rises up the base of your spine to the pineal gland. The pineal gland becomes activated. At the same time, if you have not prepared yourself, it’s like there’s a rock on top of your head. You’ve got all of this energy that’s been building up.

At the time, I wasn’t doing a lot of exercise, so it was building up, and it wasn’t good. For me, I say do what works for you, but after 365 days of masturbation before I had a girlfriend, I had insane energy levels. . . Just remind yourself that there is a meaning to your semen. And if you’re a woman, there is also a meaning to how your body works.

Sexual energy is sacred. It’s beautiful to explore your sexual energy. I wouldn’t tell anyone to stop masturbating, but at the same time every action has a consequence. . You have to realize why you’re seeing all these images. Why the porn industry is so gigantic–in fact, it fills the whole internet. Because just like Stephen Chang said in his book The Tao of Sexology, “Man is still bullied by his sexual urges.” “Masturbation,” he said, “can turn a roaring lion into a dead dog in a few seconds.”

It’s a great stress reliever. At the same time, I want to know from your experience, how do you feel when you stop masturbating. Share your experiences. Do you have more energy or is it a pain in the arse?

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