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Cultural Quote #457: Bedros Keuilian On Porn

People are like, "Hey, man, porn doesn't affect me. I just do it occasionally to let off some steam." Listen, I got no beef with you, but I'm letting you know, those companies that produce porn have designed it to take you down the rabbit hole and hold you...

Cultural Quote #456: Women Addicted To Pornography

Addiction is not sexist. Addiction does not discriminate. It will find anybody and every time I had heard anyone talk about it, they would always say something along the lines of, "Alright, boys, listen up." And I would immediately think, "Well, clearly I'm broken. Clearly I'm the only one....

Cultural Quote #455: Terry Crews, “We Got Kids Loose In The Pharmacy!”

Pornography is heroin, it's drugs. We Got Kids Loose In The Pharmacy! We got kids running around grabbing whatever, taking all kinds of stuff, man. And you can be damaged severely. Terry Crews in Terry Crews On Porn Addiction

Cultural Quote #454: Women Struggling With Porn/Masturbation

A stereotype that a lot of people assume about porn and masturbation is that it's primarily a guy-thing. And maybe the statistics are true on that, but I think that lack of awareness or lack of exposure of porn and masturbation, as it pertains to girls, really prevented me...

Cultural Quote #453: Honesty

You are only as strong as you are honest. How To Quit Porn (Pastor Craig Groeschel)

Cultural Quote #452: Faith Is Like A Goldfish

Like a goldfish that grows to match the size of its container, faith rises to the level of every challenge. Walk In Integrity

Cultural Quote #451: Human Nature Is Like The Weather

There’s no sense in being upset at how people are. Human nature is deeply rooted in an ancient history and is not going to change in your lifetime. Like the weather—and everything else we can’t control—we should accept and adapt instead of complaining. Walk In Integrity

Cultural Quote #450: Pornographic Media Culture

A pornographic media culture may contribute to unrealistic expectations of what their future soul mate should look like. Influenced by the sexy images of young women on MTV, the Internet, and on the runway in televised Victoria’s Secret specials, men may be putting off marriage to their current...

Cultural Quote #449: Al-Ghazali On Desire

Desire makes slaves out of kings, while patience makes kings out of slaves. Al-Ghazali

Cultural Quote #448: A Strong Support System

In Colombia, they gave me the love I needed to conquer the world. They gave me support. They told me I was the best, that I was a legend. They told me I could have everything I wanted. It just goes to show you that when you’re surrounded with...

Cultural Quote #447: Intentional Relationships

You should be very thoughtful and realize in most things -- relationships work, even in learning -- what you're trying to do is find the thing you can go all-in on to earn compound interest. When you're dating, the instance you know this relationship is not going to be...

Cultural Quote #446: Fear Is Misplaced Faith

Fear is misplaced faith that similarly has the power to manifest things. Walk In Integrity

Cultural Quote #445: Chastity Versus Lust

The proper use of human sexuality is called chastity, and the improper use of human sexuality is lust. Internet Wisdom

Cultural Quote #444: To Change A Belief

You change a belief, be it about God, yourself, or the world, by reevaluating old evidence or by creating new evidence. Walk In Integrity

Cultural Quote #443: Emotions Are Teachers

Emotions are teachers. Unlike human teachers, which have limited time, emotions will continue to teach the lesson endlessly until you get it. Walk In Integrity

Cultural Quote #442: Emotions Are Messengers

Emotions are messengers that communicate information. Don’t get mad at the messengers or seek to kill them. Rather, embrace them as they guide you in your character development. Walk In Integrity

Cultural Quote #441: Depleted Dopamine

The entire time you’re watching porn, you’re bombarding your brain with dopamine levels equivalent to those caused by some hardcore drugs. And of course, when that happens, your brain starts decreasing the dopamine receptors you have. And over the course of years of watching porn, you end up doing...

Cultural Quote #440: How I Overcame My Porn Addiction

And I remember storming out of the room. I sat down, and I said, “Manny, you got two choices. You can keep going down this road which is going to lead to death, or you can have a moment, a moment of vulnerability that could change everything. And tell...

Cultural Quote #439: Changing Our Thoughts

Trying to change our thoughts without changing our beliefs is like pouring water in a broken glass. Walk In Integrity For more, see quotes.

Cultural Quote #438: An Ounce of Accountability

An ounce of accountability is worth a pound of willpower. Walk In Integrity For more, see quotes.

Cultural Quote #437: Why Pornography Is Intrinsically Wrong

But the primary reason pornography is wrong is because it takes an inappropriate attitude toward the human person. Philosopher Karol Wojtyla said, “The human person is a good towards which the only proper and adequate attitude is love.” Well, what do we mean by love?” Aristotle would say “To...

Cultural Quote #436: Rats And Cocaine Addiction

You know you cannot get rats addicted to cocaine if they live in their natural environments. You can only get rats addicted to cocaine if they’re isolated rats in a cage. They won’t bar press for cocaine in the natural environment, and it’s because they have alternative sources of...

Cultural Quote #435: Masturbation Has Dangerous Effects On Dopamine (Andrew Huberman)

The point is this: masturbation and pornography are potently tapping into the dopamine system and can undermine the very processes, which I consider healthy processes, of finding a mate, dating, communication, eventually, if it’s appropriate, sexual interaction, etc. Andrew Huberman For more, see “Masturbation Has Dangerous Effects on Dopamine” (Jordan...

Cultural Quote #434: This Habit Destroys The Brain

Again, any activity that evokes a lot of dopamine release will make it harder to achieve the same level, and certainly a greater level, of dopamine through a subsequent interaction. So, yes, indeed, many people are addicted to pornography and yes, indeed, many people who regularly indulge in pornography...

Cultural Quote #433: The Trap of Masturbatory Self-Development

In fact, I’ve seen guys. They will always trap themselves in a perpetual period of quitting porn. You know, they’ll get 90 days or beyond and then they’ll relapse. I think a lot of times they do it because they don’t want to climb a new mountain. They’re like...

Cultural Quote #432: Lust Versus Love

Lusting over a different person on a screen every night will not prepare you to love one person the rest of your life. Popular Wisdom

Cultural Quote #431: The Unspoken Contract

I believe that most guys have signed this unspoken, undefined contract within themselves that says “I am willing to be on NoFap until” – and the until part basically is “until there is an urge that is strong, so powerful that I won’t deal with it. I will choose...

Cultural Quote #430: The Second Law of Pornodynamics

Mary Harrington has the “three laws of pornodynamics,” and the second law of pornodynamics is the law of “fap entropy,” and it says that whatever you start out wanking to will get progressively more intense over time. And I think that this is, sort of, speaking to that ever,...

Cultural Quote #429: The Number One Reason Guys Who Support Porn Use Are Full of Crap

I’ve seen it all, and guess what? Everybody’s life gets better when they quit this stuff. Every single time. I’ve never seen an exception where someone fully quit this and their life got worse. I’ve never seen it one time. Mark Queppet For more, see The Number One Reason Guys Who...

Cultural Quote #428: The Courage To Live

Dying requires one act of courage; living, innumerable. Walk In Integrity

Cultural Quote #427: The Biggest Regret

Sometimes it’s not the mistakes we made but the love we didn’t show that leads to the biggest regret. Walk In Integrity For more, see quotes.

Cultural Quote #426: Kindness As Weakness?

It is a fallacy to conflate kindness that isn’t accompanied by political power with weakness. Walk In Integrity For more, see quotes.

Cultural Quote #425: Shame And Understanding

Shame flourishes where understanding is lacking. Walk In Integrity For more quotes, click here.

Cultural Quote #424: The Off-Brand of Morality

The off-brand of morality is based on beliefs and lifestyle rather than on how people treat each other. If the former don’t inform the latter, then they aren’t a metric worth keeping. Walk In Integrity

Cultural Quote #423: A True Saint (Robert Greene)

Well, if you’re a true saint, if you’re Mahatma Ghandi or Mother Theresa, you don’t have to broadcast it. Part of being a saint is you don’t have an ego. You don’t feel the need to go on social media and proclaim to the world, “Look at all the...

Cultural Quote #422: Daddy Yankee On Discipline

I showed for 32 years that discipline beats talent and wisdom beats intelligence. Demostré por 32 años que la disciplina vence al talento y la sabiduría vence a la inteligencia.Daddy Yankee For more, see quotes.

Cultural Quote #421: How To Integrate Your Shadow Self (Robert Greene)

And so the main thing is you have to be aware this shadow side. You can’t run away from it. You have to acknowledge that it exists. You almost have to embrace it in a way.Robert Greene For more, see How To Integrate Your Shadow Self (Jordan Peterson And Robert...

Cultural Quote #420: Pornography Exposure Is Child Abuse

Showing pornography to minors is child abuse, and letting them watch it is child neglect. It’s no different than drugs or alcohol. Walk In Integrity For the complete, 200-word argument, see Opinion: Showing pornography to minors is child abuse, and letting them watch it is child neglect

Cultural Quote #419: Herein Lies The Shame

The shame is not in the actions taken to get you to this state. The shame is in the inaction once you realize how bad the state actually is.John Doyle For more, see quotes.

Cultural Quote #418: Why I’m Anti-Pornography

I’m anti-pornography because I don’t want to live in a world filled with perverts, nor do I want to become one. Walk In Integrity For more, see quotes.

Cultural Quote #417: What To Do After I Relapse (Porn Reboot/Recovery)

If you just relapsed, listen up. Stop feeling shameful. It makes you want to do one thing: isolate. Studies show that when you isolate, you become extremely stressed out. That stress builds and builds and builds and makes you want to do one thing again, go relapse. Relapse, shame,...

Cultural Quote #416: Flatline During NoFap / Porn Recovery (Part II)

So, with both kinds of flatline here, just keep doing. Don’t freak yourself out, and don’t turn back to porn, because, as long as you don’t turn back to porn, you can leave this thing behind. You’re not going to have to keep facing it. If you keep reaching...

Cultural Quote #415: Flatline During NoFap / Porn Recovery (Part I)

The fact that you’re going through a flatline is evidence that you were heavily addicted, because that’s not going to happen in someone who’s mentally healthy around sexuality. Taking a break from sex is not going to cause everything to shut down . I believe that this whole “shutdown...

Cultural Quote #414: Sexual Transmutation Explained (Part 5)

And if we want to really explain the scope of this, it’s like alright, the most famous man in history was the ultimate practitioner of sexual transmutation. I’m talking about Jesus Christ. Like his fundamental model that he presented himself as is the groom. He is the man getting...

Cultural Quote #413: Sexual Transmutation Explained (Part 4)

It’s like if I tap into my muse, if I tap into my anima, if I tap into whatever you want to call it, then how do I have to behave in order to impress that part of myself? Right, if you start doing that, then all of a...

Cultural Quote #412: Sexual Transmutation Explained (Part 3)

What if you already got a girlfriend or wife, okay? Or what if the idea of constantly working for female attention feels undignified to you? Because it kind of does to me. It’s like “Ah, my sexual power only works if I’m trying to impress some woman?” I kind...

Cultural Quote #411: Sexual Transmutation Explained (Part 2)

I can’t even imagine how many of the human breakthroughs have been driven by men just looking to be more appealing to women. It’s probably one of the most fundamental driving forces of humanity as a whole. That’s sort of a base, sort of approach to this.Mark Queppet For more,...

Cultural Quote #410: Sexual Transmutation Explained (Part 1)

We talk about this a little bit in our red pill playbook series. Raise your status. Make yourself more attractive. Get your career in a better position. Get in better shape. Learn better social skills—that kind of stuff. And, in order to do that, if you really want to...

Cultural Quote #409: “The Demonic Bride Of The Modern Masturbatory Man” (!!!)

And, you know, if you don’t like your life, you can escape into one of the incredibly robust and detailed video game worlds where you can level up your video game avatar while your real life falls apart. And if all of this doesn’t work for you, you got...

Cultural Quote #408: Quitting Porn Is The Rite Of Passage For The Modern Man (Part IV)

But the final reason I think quitting porn is such an important rite of passage for men because of how it forces you to confront the darker elements of masculinity. Very often, tied up into all this stuff are those potent, darker sexually aggressive elements. You know, that part...

Cultural Quote #407: Quitting Porn Is The Rite Of Passage For The Modern Man (Part III)

Additionally, it’s very difficult to just cut this stuff out and not make any other changes. It almost forces you to make positive lifestyle changes. Your baseline habits—it forces you to set up a baseline of hygiene in terms of sleep, exercise, basic diet, basic socialization. You can’t just...