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Cultural Quote #412: Sexual Transmutation Explained (Part 3)

What if you already got a girlfriend or wife, okay? Or what if the idea of constantly working for female attention feels undignified to you? Because it kind of does to me. It’s like “Ah, my sexual power only works if I’m trying to impress some woman?” I kind of want it to be more for me. And this is where we’re going to get into a more mature form of sexual transmutation. Here’s how this works. The idea is like you want to engage in worldly conquest for the sake of uniting not with a beautiful woman, but with a beautiful reality. And this is where the idea of “making love to life” comes in to things. One of the things I said like years ago, when I first started talking about quitting porn, it’s like “Alright, make love to life, not your hand” . . .

Well, the simplest way is you imagine that your perfect woman is watching you, and if you do that, well then how would you behave? And you build the habit of asking yourself that. And this perfect woman—this is like your muse. In some ways it’s the Jungian concept of the “anima.” It’s this idea of the internal feminine that exists within a man. It’s not to say that it’s your feminine side—at least I disagree with that interpretation. I think what it is is that you have a conception of the ideal feminine that exists inside of you, and if you learn how to tap into that, you don’t need an actual woman there. It helps you actually find the most masculine and ideal version of yourself.

Mark Queppet

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