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A Message For Those Struggling With Pornography (Montell Fish)

Montell wants the world to know that it’s possible to live a lust-free life.

Today I want to share the testimony of a vlogger named Montell Fish. Montell was hooked on pornography through his early adolescent years, but got free after he gave his life to Christ at age 17. Montell’s message is that it’s possible to live a life free from lust–with God’s help. When Montell feels tempted, his approach is to call out to God in prayer and to take a big picture view of the situation. This makes him conscious of the stakes of his decision, and empowers him to choose wisely. Check out this video and others on his channel for encouragement from a godly guy.

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Yo, what’s good guys? It’s your boy Montell Fish. You guys are back for another video. Today’s video is just going to be a kind of message to those who are struggling with pornography, and still in the midst of it. Pornography is something that I was extremely a slave to since about 12, 13– until I was about 17 when I gave my life to Jesus. And he broke the chains that I was so enslaved to. I so ran to and held it as my master. Honestly, that’s just how real it was.

I kind of want to tell you guys about the freedom that God has given me today. But I want to start off just with this time that happened last week, which was pointed out today by my pastor in church. I was getting tempted with thoughts of going to go back to watching pornography, and going to go back to doing that type of fornication and sin. And I had these thoughts that were just running rampant in my mind, saying “Just go do it real quick. It will happen in the blink of an eye. Go do it, just get it over with. You already have the feeling of wanting to do it. Just go do it.”

I already knew that the devil was trying to put these thoughts in my head. I already knew all these things. But what I did, I started to proclaim, “Jesus, this is never going to satisfy me. This is not my portion. This is not for me. This sin is not for me. No sin is for me–this is not my portion. I am a child of God. I am a child of the Lord.” I just started to proclaim in victory, and I started proclaiming the name of Jesus, and just started saying Jesus until these thoughts go away. But in the midst of temptation, it seems so reasonable. It seems, “Man, this is just the thing to do right now. I’ll just get it over with.”

We truly got to just step back, step back and say, “God, you are holy. You are worthy of my heart, God. And I’m not strong enough for this right now. And here I am, Jesus.” In the midst of this temptation, I call out to Jesus. It’s that simple truth that takes us such a long way. And I want to keep communicating this to you guys. I was in California and I go to a lot of places where I talk about my testimony. I talk about what Jesus has done for my life, and I want you guys to know that it is possible through Christ, through Jesus. It is possible to go get free from this sin.

It may feel hopeless–sometimes I just here people and they just sound like there’s no way I can get out of this. But I just want to encourage you that through Christ, it’s possible. But only through Christ. If you do it any other way, you’re just going to find yourself–if you’re not doing it through that sin, you’re going to be lustfully looking at other women. You’re just going to be like a dog with a muzzle on it. You’re still going to want to bite people. You’re just going to be [dog sounds]. Jesus will take away that [dog sounds]. And he will free you and make you a completely new man.

I just wanted to make this video for you guys out there. I know some of you are struggling with this stuff. But God is able, so trust him and once he frees you, tell others because there’s so many people that I encounter that need this. See you guys in the next video.

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