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Christian Quote #174: Conquering Desires

The only thing that can conquer a desire within us is a stronger desire. If I desire to go surfing one morning when I wake up at 6 in the morning and it’s cold outside, but my desire to stay in bed is stronger than my desire to go surfing — Well, guess what will happen? I’ll stay in bed. It’s only when we have a stronger desire for something can that beat out the lesser desire.

And so I think a question people might ask, “What could possibly be stronger than a man’s desire, or a woman’s desire to view pornography, or to act out in a sexually sinful way?” And I would say it’s their desire to be a happy person. A person who truly desires to love, who desires to sacrifice themselves for something greater.

Matt Fradd
An intellectually curious millennial passionate about seeing people make healthy, informed choices about the moral direction of their lives. When I’m not reading or writing, I enjoy hiking, web-making, learning foreign languages, and watching live sports. Alumnus of Georgetown University (B.S.) and The Ohio State University (M.A.).

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