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Cultural Quote #207: Fasting To Help Process Problematic Emotions And Traumas

Emotional trauma lies at the root of much addiction and dysfunction, and sexual addiction and dysfunction is no exception. Our fear, our anger, our shame, and our sadness, can drive us to engage in toxic coping behaviors, if we do not exercise caution. In my experience, fasting helps the mind to process problematic emotions. The longer a fast goes, the more negative experiences and memories from the past surface in the mind’s attempt to deal with them. When I go to sleep on an empty stomach, I often dream very vividly that night and wake up feeling much lighter, clearly in a better place than I was before.

The fact is that we all medicate emotions with food, even those of us who maintain a healthy weight. Food makes us feel good, and there is nothing wrong with that. But sometimes it pays to give up feeling good now to feel even better in the future.

Walk In Integrity

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