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Cultural Quote #240: My Healing Testimony From Chronic Pain / Dysfunction

During the months after graduation, I kept consuming mindbody literature, and I started doing what the mindbody doctors and other people who had healed recommended. I started openly and honestly journaling, on paper and in my mind. I started slowly reintroducing physical activity, something that used to terrify me since I had pulled muscles and exacerbated my condition numerous times over the years. [Dr. Sarno posited the mechanism of chronic pain was oxygen deprivation to muscles, which makes them more likely to get injured.] 

However, over time, something amazing happened. My pain started to decrease. There were moments where I barely felt any pain at all, something I could not remember experiencing in years. Suddenly, my mind started to widen, and my pain wasn’t the only thing I could think about in the morning and at night. After a few months of journaling, slowly increasing my physical activity, consuming testimonials and mindbody literature—boom!–my pain had disappeared. Gradually, non-linearly, but completely. I used to wonder whether I would ever be able to do physical activity again.

The fact that my neck/back pain was gone was a miracle, even though it didn’t happen in an instant.

Walk In Integrity

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