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Cultural Quote #292: “Edging Is Worse Than PMO”

Edging is worse for your brain than pornography and masturbating to orgasm. The reason why is every time you edge, you are literally training yourself to be the best masturbator, and the best porn viewer that you could be. When you masturbate to orgasm, the moment you orgasm, you’re absolutely done. You have to wait for the refractory period in order to be able to go again. But when you edge, you’re able to view a wider variety of materials. You can open up more tabs. You train yourself. You’re like, “Oh my God. I’m almost at the edge.” But then you bring yourself down.

You’re not training yourself to be better at sex. You’re training yourself to be able to view more pornography. What that does brother is that it only lengthens the amount of time and makes the reboot process a lot more challenging for you. This doesn’t matter whether you’re doing it with pornography or not. The same works for just fantasy.

J.K. Emezi

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