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Cultural Quote #309: The Last Relapse (Sathiya Sam)

[Why people relapse] is probably a mixture of things. So, one is consistency. And, this is a really big subject in our space. I think–the thing that I always hear guys sa., I’ve heard people say this even as an objection to sign up for the program, “Oh, I have a really hard time being consistent.” I’m like “Bro, if that was true, you would not have an addiction.” The whole premise of an addiction is consistently engaging in a behavior. You have proven that actually you can be consistent.

But what happens is for us to be consistent in new behaviors requires accountability, and it requires a decent amount of persistence, and I think people lose that impetus. They think that the program is going to be like all “rah-rah” after three weeks, and they’re going to be good to go. And they’re maybe not seeing the results they want to see. So they’re like, “Oh, maybe it’s not for me or whatever else.” So I think that’s one of the biggest things that hinders people’s progress. The lies start to get in a little bit and maybe things aren’t happening as quickly as they want, and so they don’t choose to be consistent.

And I think the other thing that really stops people, to be honest, is they take in the information but they really lack in the execution. We’re actually restructuring some of our things in the next little bit here, because I would say I probably made a bit of a mistake early on, just thinking, “If I inform you enough, then eventually you’ll be compelled to make the changes,” not realizing, “Oh, no. I have to do my job as a coach to really”–not just be like ‘Hey, maybe you should consider this,” but be like ,”Bro, you need to do this. This is your next step. Do it before we talk next time.” That kind of thing. And really pushing people into action. Because the only way you grow is by taking massive action.

You’re not going to know everything. You’re not going to feel totally confident in it. You just have to take a step. Take that leap, and then take the next leap after that.

Sathiya Sam

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