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Cultural Quote #402: Unwanted Sexual Fetishes

Coupling is when the act or the item or the body part is coupled with that massive supernormal stimulus dump of dopamine and other neurochemicals that give you pleasure and reduce pain in your brain, and that act is coupled with all of that neurochemical release. So, we’ve talked about it in other videos. It’s a supernormal stimulus. If you’re watching pornography that has that act in it, it is just dumping massive amounts of chemicals in your brain, that you can’t possibly get in the world. And that what makes it supernormal.

So, if you keep doing it, over and over and over, especially if you’re coupling with masturbation, what happens is that is just giving your brain just this massive pleasure-and-pain reduction feeling that you can’t get elsewhere. And if you continue to groove those neural pathways, you are going to continue to hardwire in so that your brain needs that very thing, that act, that body part, that clothing, that, you know, whatever it might be. It needs that thing to get that hyper-aroused state with that huge dopamine dump that your brain has found in this coupling.

Dr. Trish Leigh

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