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Fight the New Drug: A Movement for Love

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It is a common misconception that only religious people have an interest in quitting pornography, but nothing could be further from the truth. Pornography damages the brain, the body, and relationships, and has no redeeming value. It is unhealthy for creators and consumers alike. And an increasing number of people are sobering up to reality.

Fight the New Drug (FTND) is a non-religious, non-legislative movement whose aim is to educate people on the harmful effects of pornography and to foster genuine connections with people. I’ve transcribed a creative video that FTND put out on YouTube a few years ago that gives a good summary of what they’re all about. Check out their website,, for the latest community updates and scientific research.

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This all started when we met in college. Just a few guys sharing a simple desire to one day make an impact on the world. In many of our discussions together, it quickly became apparent that we’d all been affected in one way or another by one thing–pornography–either in our own lives or in the lives of our friends, family members, or just people we knew.

We were surprised by the amount of differing opinions on the issue, and we knew that this was a subject that most people just didn’t want to talk about. I mean, when was the last time you had a nice conversation about the good old topic of porn. It just doesn’t happen, right?

So we started looking into the subject and we found science and research proving its harm. And we realized that there was a legitimate epidemic growing in our society. We knew we had to start somewhere. A year later armed with nothing but passion and an idea, we started building our movement like anybody would–by launching a Facebook page.

Thus began our grassroots campaign to raise awareness on the harmful effects of pornography using only science, facts, and personal accounts, backed by a tidal wave of new information. This movement has spread across the globe and back again. It has taken us places we never thought we’d go, and we couldn’t be more stoked about it.

We’re artists, writers, designers, filmmakers, and storytellers who have made it our life’s focus to raise awareness on the harmful effects of porn on the brain, relationships, and society as a whole. A shift in society now has people fighting for real love and shunning its whole counterfeits. People are connecting and taking a stand against this harmful material and choosing to live a life of true freedom–real love and untainted passion.

Our strength lies in being bold, loving, open-minded and genuine. We are disrupters. We are rebels. We are fighters. What started off as just a few college kids with an idea is now changing the conversation from “Dude, check this out” to “Dude, that’s not cool.”

So–are you in? Join the movement and become a fighter.

An intellectually curious millennial passionate about seeing people make healthy, informed choices about the moral direction of their lives. When I’m not reading or writing, I enjoy hiking, web-making, learning foreign languages, and watching live sports. Alumnus of Georgetown University (B.S.) and The Ohio State University (M.A.).


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