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Finding Healthy Ways to Transmute Sexual Energy

a man exercising on a bike which is one way to transmute sexual energy..
Is your sex drive working for or against you?

You may have already seen my other post on sexual transmutation. Sexual transmutation is about taking sexual energy and investing it in other non-sexual areas of life. It is a concept that has been around since time immemorial and many notable celebrities have practiced it in modern times. If you think the only way to dissolve a sexual urge is with a sexual act, then this article is for you.

Transmuting Sexual Energy

The act of ejaculation releases great stores of physical energy. It’s no wonder the first thing most people want to do afterwards is take a nap. The major hormonal changes ejaculation triggers is an obvious example that sexual activity has huge energetic consequences for the entire organism. Per the post I linked to above, boxers and inventors were notorious for practicing sexual transmutation. Boxer Muhammad Ali believed not ejaculating made him more of a menace in the ring, while inventor Nikola Tesla partially credited sexual transmutation with his prolific creative genius.

What does all of that mean for you and me? I am not currently sexually active, and I won’t be until I find a girl I’m ready to settle down with. In the mean time, I have started to view my sexual drive as an asset not a liability. It is a powerful energy that not only motivates me to find a life partner but fuels other productive activities.

Two of the biggest for me right now are foreign language study and the gym. I’ve been investing a great amount of time to mastery of Spanish and Arabic and workout 5 days a week on average (cardio bike, pushups, etc.) With healthy activities like these, I am growing in areas that are of interest to me both personally and professionally. And the urgency of my sexual urges has declined as my focus has shifted elsewhere.

There’s a saying, idle hands are the devil’s playground.

I have observed that in seasons where I lacked purpose and healthy occupations, I was more prone to temptation. And it’s easy to get frustrated—mentally, physically, and sexually—when we spend all day sitting down. This was my experience as a student for many years. A sedentary lifestyle was not the norm throughout human history and it has been linked to all kinds of mental and physical disorders ranging from anxiety to heart disease (link). Incorporating physical activity into our days and spending more time on our feet and in nature are sensible ways to remedy this.

We are spirit, but we are also soul and body. The more we redirect our focus into meaningful activities that stimulate our mind and body, the less time we are likely to spend battling sexual urges. A high sexual drive is a blessing. Let’s not turn it into a curse.

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