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My 40-Day Fast Freed Me From Drug Addiction

Joe 40 day fast freedom from drug addiction
Joe testifies that fasting was the vehicle God used to get him free.

Today, I came across a testimony on YouTube that I wanted to share because it addresses the topic of fasting, which I have described in the past as the “nuclear bomb” in the believer’s arsenal against sexual temptation (e.g. Fasting To Break Porn Addiction And Control Lustful Behavior). Fasting has been instrumental in my own battle for sexual integrity and overall health, and I want to spread awareness to those who have never thought about fasting for more than two seconds. We live in a capitalist world that thrives off consumption, and my home country of the US is one of the most gluttonous countries in the world. However, Jesus said “when you fast,” not “if,” and he said that because fasting, when done right, can be a big blessing to our spiritual and physical lives.

In the video, a guy named Joe testifies that a 40-day fast, during which he drank water and 1-2 cups of juice 6 days a week, and ceased all consumption on Sundays, radically transformed his life and broke a decades-long addiction to drugs. The video is 20-minutes long, and so I was not able to transcribe it, but I did watch it twice and have summarized its main contents for you. Below you will find a copy of the video description, a link to the video itself, and my summary down below!

If you need a breakthrough and traditional methods have not yielded the results you desire, then I invite you to research fasting and the experiences of people, like myself, who have practiced fasting for years. Joe included a link to a starter kit on fasting that you can access (fasting starter kit). Joe, like others, has since made fasting a regular part of his life as a routine spiritual discipline with myriad secular benefits.

This is my testimony about how the good Lord saved me and set me free from 2 decades of drug addiction through fasting+prayer. He used fasting to reveal himself to me and give me the love, peace, joy, and understanding that I had been searching for all my life. Fasting was such an instrumental tool in changing my life around that I still fast 2 days a week. Please try to remember to go into fasting with an open and honest heart. Try not to expect too much from yourself or God. Not only did he save me from dying and going to hell, he gave me another opportunity to be a positive role model for my 3 kids who I love with all my heart.

Joe Christ-Kim

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Joe had a rough childhood. His parents separated when he was 2, and he never had a positive male role model growing up. Joe turned to drugs at a young age. He smoked weed every day for decades, and later abused harder drugs, including LSD, mushrooms, and prescription medication (percocet). Towards the end of his drug addiction, Joe couldn’t work, he couldn’t take care of himself, and he couldn’t take care of his kids. During this latter period, Joe’s whole life revolved around drugs, and he needed to be high to perform routine daily tasks like waking up and going to the store. Joe’s drug abuse was so bad that he developed a tremor in his hands, a mass on the back of his head, and one half of his face become limp.

Joe testifies that in his darkest hour he had a conversion moment where he encountered the Holy Spirit. After never having thought about the topic in the past, Joe felt prompted to start fasting. Joe started with a few shorter fasts, before deciding to do a full 40 days of drinking only 1-2 cups of juice 6 days a week and ceasing all consumption on Sundays. During the 40-day fast, which had its ups and downs, but was very painful overall as Joe got a deep window into the darkness of his soul, transformation happened. Joe was able to process a lot of the bitterness and resentment that he carried, and came out of the process a changed man with no addiction and an invigorated relationship with God.

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