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Sit Down And Think About What You’ve Done

The Thinker, a Bronze sculpture by the late Auguste Rodin..
The Thinker, a Bronze sculpture by the late Auguste Rodin.

The title of this post may sound silly, but it’s actually very profound. These words, of course, are the famous line that parents often tell their children after they do something wrong. Sit down and think about what you’ve done. So many of us live our lives on autopilot. Subconscious forces and processes dictate our every move, and we rarely stop to reflect on the direction of our lives. That’s right–unless we stop to think about our lives, they operate like subconscious programs on autopilot.

Our ability to contemplate our actions is what separates us from animals. When we fail to engage in this process, we become like them, driven by impulses and instincts. In an autopilot state, we lose touch with the consequences of our choices and are prone to harming ourselves and those around us.

There is an organization, Consider Before Consuming, that seeks to get people thinking about the damage pornography can do to hearts, minds, brains, relationships, and futures. The name of the organization illustrates the main idea of this article quite well.

Many elaborate penance rituals across cultures, involving sacrifice, prayer, fasting, isolation, etc., were effective partly because they gave people quality time to think about and process their choices and lives’ direction.

Today, let’s act like human beings. Let’s take note of the effect our actions are likely to have on our lives and on the world around us and proceed accordingly.

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