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NTP Text Update (5.31.2021)!

Wanted to give you guys a quick update! As some of you already know, I decided to renew the blog this week under Walk In Integrity instead of Defeat Lust. I’ve always believed that all areas of life are connected, and I want that to be crystal clear from the outset. This is a cosmetic change only and won’t affect past posts or the mission of the site. A main focus will be sexual integrity, but posts will cover a variety of topics related to the theme of integrity.

Defeat Lust got off to a fast start in 2020 with over 10,000 pageviews, but unfortunately I did not make any new publications for several months. I want you to know I will commit to at least one new article per week for the foreseeable future, put together by me (and hopefully more than one when readers get involved!)

My focus has always been on quality, not quantity, and my intention is only to publish articles that are value-added. I also gained some valuable life experience the last year (some of it painful) that I want to address because I think many people are facing similar challenges.

The door is still wide open for guest posts, and I would love for the people who read this blog to share their experiences, knowledge, and testimonies with others. If you are interested, click here! E.g. check out this guest post submission. It doesn’t have to be anything long or super deep. In fact, brevity is often preferable.

FYI, I do not do this for money (it actually costs ~$120 a year), and there is no budget for guest posts. You can, however, publish under any username you want and include a link to your blog/website for marketing.

Let me know anything that comes to mind. Consider sharing this blog with those for whom you think it may be useful!

Much love,

WII Admin

An intellectually curious millennial passionate about seeing people make healthy, informed choices about the moral direction of their lives. When I’m not reading or writing, I enjoy hiking, web-making, learning foreign languages, and watching live sports. Alumnus of Georgetown University (B.S.) and The Ohio State University (M.A.).

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