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Cultural Quote #201: The Belief That Something Bad Will Happen If I Don’t Act On My Sexual Desires

I can’t remember who I heard this one from, but it sounds simple enough. You ever heard of blue balls? The supposed painful feeling in your testicles after being aroused but not experiencing climax. I’ve never experienced it myself, but many people have a “blue balls” mentality. They are afraid that if their arousal does not result in an outlet, something bad is going to happen. Excruciating pain? A nervous breakdown? Overpowering frustration/misery? Nothing is going to happen. 

If you have never abstained for any real length of time, you may not realize that your compulsion to take action is not evidence of imminent danger or pressing need. I challenge you to call its bluff. Something bad will happen if you don’t eat. Or if you jump into a busy intersection. Nobody ever died from not watching porn or masturbating.

On the other hand, many people experience benefits when they quit watching porn. Have you checked out the testimonies section of this site? You can read other articles on The Powerful Benefits of Semen Retention and Finding Healthy Ways To Transmute Sexual Energy. The sex drive is supposed to energize us to connect with other people and leave our imprint on the world, not to waste it on fruitless, abortive activities.

Walk In Integrity

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